Walter Gropius
1883 - 1969

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Uniting life, craft, and art was the credo of the art school “Staatlicher Bauhaus in Weimar”, founded in Weimar by architect Walter Gropius in 1919. His goal was to establish the “architecture of the future” as a total work of art. Breaking away from traditional architecture, he believed that buildings should be functional.

„Der Organismus eines Hauses ergibt sich aus dem Ablauf der Vorgänge, die sich in ihm abspielen.“
Walter Gropius

Gropius succeeded like no other in pitting himself against external pressure on the Bauhaus style, using available media to make his goals known and present Bauhaus in a favorable light. Even after his emigration to the USA, “Mister Bauhaus” was untiring in his efforts to promote Bauhaus – and was also highly successful, thanks to his excellent reputation and his teaching position at Harvard University.

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