Bruno Taut
1880 - 1938

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Bruno Taut set out to create “big architecture for small people,” on the condition that it had to be colorful. In 1921, Magdeburg’s mayor Hermann Beims appointed the architect, known as an advocate of the garden city movement, to the municipal planning board. In Magdeburg, apartments had become scarce and the garden city idea seemed to be the appropriate solution to the problem.

Taut’s color scheme was not only concerned with aesthetics, but also “to offer a humble bit of joy to residents even in the most terrible housing projects, the dreariest courtyards.” The initial criticism of this idea died down when the title “The colorful city of Magdeburg” became a promotional factor. “I will make something of Magdeburg,” Taut asserted in a 1922 talk at the city hall.

„ich mache mir etwas aus magdeburg“
bruno taut

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